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Lord Vishnu - About Hinduism - What You Need to Know About

Vishnu is one of the supreme God of Hindu religions. He is one of the trinity God of Hinduism. According to Hindus tradition, Lord Vishnu is a God of Savior and protection. Lord Vishnu is the preserver of the creation of Lord Bramha and is destroyed by Lord Shiva. According to Hindu epic books, Lord Vishnu rests on Shesnaag (Snake with multiple heads) along with his wife Goddess Laxmi in his adobe, Vaikunth in Sheer Sagar. Vishnu is resembled as a God with four arms holding different weapons in every arm such as discus, mace, lotus flower and sankh (traditional Hindu music instrument). Whenever there was a rise of evil on earth Lord Vishnu takes a birth in human form to end it and protect people on earth. There are nine avatars or incarnation of Vishnu on earth and it is said that tenth incarnation will be taken in Kalyug (ongoing era) when there will be intolerable rise of evil.

Vishnu – Avatars

Matsya – This was the first avatar of Lord Vishnu on earth. He took the incarnation of giant fish to save mankind and Manu from Damanaka. Later Manu was given responsibility to establish humanity on earth and preach them.

Kurma – This incarnation of Vishnu was of giant turtle that helped Devas and Asuras to nectar the ocean for immorality.

Varaha – This was the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth in the form of boar. He took this incarnation to rescue earth from the evil activities of Hiranakshya, a demon.

Mohini – This was a feminine incarnation of Vishnu on earth. Vishnu took this avatar to rescue Lord Shiva from Bhasmasura, a demon who was blessed by Lord Shiva that on whomever he will put his hand will burn into ash. 
Narasimha – Narasimha was the fifth incarnation of Vishnu in the form of half man and half lion. He formed this avatar to rescue his biggest devotee, Prahlad from Hiranyakashyap.

Vamana – This was the sixth avatar in a form of dwarf to rescue the world from King Bali. Bali was the most igoist but very generous. Vamana appeared as dwarf and asked him to donate area of land sizing his feet. Then Vamana grown giant and covered his whole kingdom in his feet.

Parashuram – This was the seventh avatar in a form of angry sage with axe and bow and arrow. He took this incarnation to rescue people from cruelty of Kshatriyas. 

Rama – Rama was the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, a personality of humble, generous and loyal. He took this avatar to kill Ravana. This was first time that Rama and Parshurama, two incarnation of Vishnu were present in same era on earth.

Krishna – This was probably the last incarnation of Vishnu on earth. This incarnation was to kill Kansh and help Pandavas to defeat Kauravs in Mahabharat.

Kalki – It is said that Kalki will be the tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu on earth in Kalyug. This incarnation will be in a form of human in white cloths and on a white horse with sword in his hand to kill immorality. It is also said that Kalki will kill all the people on this earth and rescue only few moral humans to establish life on earth in new form.

Lord Vishnu


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