Thursday, January 3, 2013


Durga is a Sanskrit name which means invincible or inaccessible. Durga is one of the biggest feminine deities of Hindu religion. She is resembled as the Shakti which means power, energy and force. Goddess Durga is appeared as a feminine character with eighteen arms each arm holding different weapons and riding on tiger. Goddess Durga is a one such goddess which contains combined power of all the Gods such as trident of Lord Shiva, discus of Lord Vishnu, thunderbolt of Lord Indra and many others. Durga is worshipped a lot in West Bengal during Durga Pooja which is celebrated on the same day of Dasehra. According to Hindu religion, on this day Goddess Durga killed Mahisasur (a demon) and his whole army.


Durga Wallpapers


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