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About Lord Krishna
When we talk of Krishna the posture which strikes in our mind is small, dark and cute boy with a peacock feature on his crown with a flute in his hand and a cute smile on his face. Krishna is one of the most popular and important deity of Hindu religion. Krishna is a symbol of love, virtue and morality. Krishna played a very important role in Mahabharat which was a war between wise and evil. Krishna teaches the chapter of Bhagwat Gita to Arjun whiles the war of Mahabharat. Krishna also was a very notorious in his childhood and more than that a good friend of all.

Krishna – Childhood

Krishna was an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in Dwapar Yug. Krishna was the 8th child of Devaki and Vasudev, King of Mathura was imprisoned by his brother in law, Kansh succeeding King of Mathura. Kansh was astrologically told that the 8th child of Devaki and Vasudev will be the one who will kill him therefore he imprisoned both of them and killed all the seven children. Vasudev didn’t let him know about the birth of 8th child and therefore in the midnight Vasudev escaped with infant Krishna to Gokul and left him at his friend’s home who was Nand. 

Nand and his wife Yasoda parent Krishna as his own child along with Balaram who was elder than Krishna. Krishna was very notorious in his childhood as Yasoda was very tensed with his activities and once tied him to a pillar but when she returned she found that Krishna was untied and eating mud. When she asked him to open his mouth she was surprised to see whole universe in Krishna’s mouth and then she understand that he is not a normal child. Later in his young age he was told of his original parents and then he killed Kansh and released Devaki and Vasudev.

Krishna in Mahabharat

After killing Kansh, Krishna succeeded as the king of Mathura. Later he married to Rukmani who was the incarnation of Goddess Laxmi. With marrying to Rukhmani, Krishna captured Dwarka and ruled over it. Then he got notice of upcoming war between Kauravs and Pandavas. Both came party came to Krishna asking for his support in war. Krishna said that he cannot support both side and neither will he fight in war but he left the choice between both of them to choose either Krishna or his army. Kauravas agreed to have army support of Krishna to empower them but Pandavas asked Krishna to join them just to provide moral support. Later in Mahabharat war Pandavas sign a convincing win over Kauravas with moral teaching and art skill of war preached by Krishna. 

Krishna with Radha and Sudama

Sudama was the childhood friend of Krishna. When Krishna became the king of Dwarka, Sudama was living a poor life and then he think of asking for some financial help from his friend Krishna. Sudama reached Dwarka but the courtiers trashed him out. Then Krishna get informed that one poor man reached outside saying himself as your friend. Krishna ran out and stopped Sudama. He brought him to his court and served him with his hospitality. Sudama tried to speak of help but didn’t of hesitation. But Krishna understood and gave him hand full grain. 

When Sudama reached to his home he was surprised to see a luxury fort in place of his hut and full of luxury items. Then he opened the parcel of grain given by Krishna and again he was surprised to see the parcel full of gold coins instead of grains. Without Radha, Krishna is incomplete. Radha was the first love of Krishna since his childhood but unfortunately he cannot get married to Radha but still Radha is recognized as the half part of Krishna. In many Hindu religions such as Vaishnava, Radha and Krishna are worshipped as the main deity. 


Lord Krishna Wallpaper


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