Friday, June 22, 2012

Lord Sani Wallpapers

Hindu God Agni, the fire-God, single to Indra within the Vedic legends of Ancient India. he's frequently the fireplace of the sun, of lightening, and of the fireplace that men glow for purpose of worship.

While the nice personification of the fireplace of sacrifice, Agni is that the mouth of the gods, the shipper of the oblation and also the messenger between the individual and also the nice orders.

Hindu God Agni is one among the 3 highest deities of the Rig Veda, e.g Lord Agni, Vayu and Surya. These 3 gods lead over the planet, atmosphere and sky respectively.

In Rig Veda, biggest variety of hymns is address to God Agni. Hindu God Agni is that the kid of Angiras and also the grandson of Sandila, one among the seven massive sages. Vishnu Puran, still, claims that Agni is that the eldest son of Brahma. His wife name was Swaha and thru his wedding he has 3 sons, Pavak, Pavman and Suchi.

Bhagwan Agni is describe within the scriptures as ruddy-hued and having 2 faces-one emperor and also the different severe. In Hari Vans, Bhagvan Agnidev is wearing black and has burn as his typical and carries a glowing javelin. He has four hands and rides in an exceedingly chariot tired by red horses.

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