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Lord‑Shreenathji Wallpapers

About Lord Shrinathji Wallpapers

Lord Shreeanthji was the deity kind of Lord Krishna that is found within the holy place of Nathdwara it's situated close to the Udaipur that there in Rajasthan, and was there within the presiding central deity of the Vaishnava sect referred to as Pushti Marg that or Shuddhadvaita, that is established by Shri Vallabhacharya. Shrinathji specifically refers to the story within the Bhagavata Purana where in Lord Krishna that is lifts Govardhan hills to save lots of the inhabitants of Vrindavan from a downpour of rain sent by the Indra, King of the devas. Krishna that is kind of Sri Nathji that is additionally a worshipped throughout India by the followers of Bhakti Yoga and also the Vaishnava tradition, particularly with in Gujarat.

The city of Nathdwara itself is usually spoken as ‘Shrinathji’, once the famouse deity. it's believed that a sage Madhavendra puri rediscovered this Gopala deity close to its initial location at Govardhana within the Vrindavana, however known currently as Srinathji. this way was Lord Gopal was later worshipped in Mathura by Vallabhacharya, follows of vishnuswami of the Rudra Sampradaya, who in flip was influenced by the devotional mood of Madhavendra Puri.

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