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Hanuman – Symbol Empowerment and Fidelity
Hanuman”, name itself is enough to explain everything. Hanuman is a name of power, strength, fidelity, renunciation, morality and truth. Lord Hanuman is an immortal god of Hindu religion. He is recognized as the adorer of Lord Rama. Lord Hanuman has played a very important role in Ramayan era as he helped Lord Rama to search out his wife Goddess Sita, who was kidnapped by king of Lanka, Ravana. Lord Hanuman also existed in Mahabharat era and helped Arjun in defeating Kauravas. Lord Hanuman was blessed by Lord Rama that he will remain existed on earth till it gets end and will serve humanity. 

Hanuman – Childhood

Lord Hanuman was the incarnation of Lord Shiva and was the son of Kesari and Anjana. Lord Hanuman was born after long penance of Lord Shiva by Anjana. Hanuman is also known as Pawan putra (son of lord of wind) as Lord Pawan delivered baby Hanuman in the womb of Anjana. Lord Hanuman was very naughty in his childhood as he flew up in sky to feed sun resembling it as a mango. Then Lord Indra hit him with his Vajra assuming that he was a demon. Hit by vajra, Hanuman was falling down on earth was holded by Pawan Dev. Pawan Dev became very angry he stopped all the air on earth. Then all Gods praised him and blessed Hanuman with different powers and strength.

Lord Hanuman was a great devotee of Lord Rama and he played an important role in searching Sita and defeating Ravana. Lord Hanuman introduced Lord Rama with Sugreeva and Lord Rama killed Bali to handover the kingdom to Sugreeva. Sugreeva in reward promised Lord Rama to help him in searching out Goddess Sita. When everyone failed to cross ocean to reach Lanka then Hanuman agreed and crossed Whole Ocean in just one attempt. He searched out Goddess Sita and burnt whole Lanka when he was molested by courtiers of Ravana. When Lakshman was hit by Meghnath (Son of Ravana) in battle field and got injured, then physician told Lord Rama that there is only one way to save Lakshman and that is Sanjeevani boti which is found in Himalayan range and that too before sunrise. Then Hanuman initiated and traveled all long from south to north and brought it before time. 

Hanuman & Mahabharat

Lord Hanuman was blessed by Lord Rama that he will be alive till this world exists. Later in Dwapar Yug, Hanuman was once lied on the way for rest and Bheem was crossing on the way. Bheem then asked Hanuman to remove his tail from the path but Hanuman asked him to do it by himself. Bheem gets angry and tried to pull the tail from his path but he failed to move it. Then Hanuman appeared in his original form and blessed him that he will appear on the chariot of Arjun in the form of flag and till this flag will be on that chariot no one will be able to defeat them. 

Lord Hanuman

Jai Sree Ram



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