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Lord Shiva - About Hinduism - What You Need to Know About

“Har Har Mahadev” is a usual chant which you can hear in every Hindu temple. Mahadev is one of the names of Lord Shiva. Mahadev means greatest of all Gods. Shiva is a first and biggest god of Hindu God trinity. Shiva is major Hindu god who is praised and worshiped by Hindus all around the world. According to Hindu religion, Shiva is ascetic god who lives on peaks of Himalaya which is above the reach of humans. Shiva is resembled to be a God with holding a trident in his left hand, cobra around his neck, moon stuck in his hairs and third eye on his forehead. It is said that Shiva is the God of destruction and his third eye always remain close. When he gets angry, his third eye gets open and it cause severe destruction.

Shiva – Above all Gods

Though according to Hindu religion it is unfair to compare Gods according to their power and existence and it preached that every God is supreme but there is a story which proves that why Shiva is called supreme of trinity. According to Vishnu Puran, once Lord Vishnu and Lord Bramha gets into negotiation that who is supreme of both. Then they both went to Lord Shiva resolve this problem. Shiva after thinking created a doom and said that one who will first reach the top will be the supreme power. Both of them started the race but they were amazed that the doom was not ending and keep rising as they were moving on. This made them understand and they returned back and bow down to Shiva and said that you are the supreme of all Gods.

 Shiva and Parvati

Shiva and Parvati are husband and wife but this relationship was ever as simple as it looks. Shiva was first married to Sati, daughter of Daksh. Sati was married to Shiva against the will of Daksh. Once Daksh conducted a Yagya (oblation) but he didn’t invited Shiva and Sati. Therefore Sati got very angry with her father’s rude behavior and burnt herself in the fire of yagya. Shiva get very angry with the news of Sati’s sacrifice and he started Tandav dance (angry dance) holding Sati’s dead body and burnt Daksh’s whole empire with his third eye. Then Vishnu and Bramha came to calm down Shiva and Vishnu threw the body of Sati on earth. Her body fallen on earth in twelve parts at different places and since then these places are known as Shakti Peeth (Place of Power). Later Parvati who was the incarnation or rebirth of Sati was impressed with Shiva and get into severe Tapasya to get married with Shiva. Later Shiva get impressed with Parvati’s hardship and truthfulness and married to her. Ganesha and Kartikey were the two sons of Shiva and Parvati.

Lord Shiva

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